Emma Croft thanks her mom for giving her a passion for gardening. As a small child Emma watched her mom tend to their garden. Whenever she could, she put her little hands to work and became absorbed in the garden’s world.


Through good grades and a notable talent for golf, Emma got a scholarship to college, but the downside was that the campus was in a downtown area, and the limited access to gardens started to wear on her. Emma knew then that gardening was more than just a hobby, it was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life so she became a botanist.


When Emma isn’t working at the botanical garden she is working on her own garden and watering neighborhood plants that are neglected. During the winter when she has more time, Emma started to think about making a website to consolidate gardening resources into one place. Emma hopes that GetGardening.info will help you grow your love for gardening and that more people will start to love plants as she does.